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For Activities at Yoga Vidya Niketan Please visit the following site:

Yoga Vidya Niketan, under the guidance of its Founder-Director Padmashri Yogacharya Sadashiv Nimbalkar, an eminent Yoga exponent has been conducting following courses regularly:

1. Diploma In Yogic Education (Teachers’ Training Course). The one-year duration part-time Diploma course encompassing subjects like Yogic Science, Anatomy - Physiology & Educational Psychology is conducted at Dadar & Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Detailed teaching about Asanas, Pranayamas, Bandhas, Mudras and Shuddhi Kriya (Yogic Cleansing Processes)

2. Diploma in Yoga Therapy, Naturopathy & Natural Living. The one-year duration Week-end Diploma course covers Yoga Therapy for Human Body System, Naturopathy Treatment and Natural Living with proper Aahar - diet, Vihar - Exercises and Nidra - Relaxation Techniques

For further details contact: 
Dadar, 24306258, 24367079
(4.00 PM - 8 PM)
Shri Rao 9324271341
Shri Sinkar 9820446999

Yoga Bhavan, Vashi - 27669710
(4.00 PM – 8 PM)
Shri Sawant 9820479463
Smt Chitnis 8097898750



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