Summer Course
Compact, graded Yogic Courses of one month duration is conducted at all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and also some of the cities of Maharashtra. This course is conducted every year in the month of May - hence the course is named Summer Course. This course is recognised by Government of Maharashtra and certificates are awarded to participants on completion of the course satisfactory. This course is conducted by the Yoga Teachers trained by Yoga Vidya Niketan at many Suburbans in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai and also at other cities of Maharashtra. . here

Exhibition & Workshops
Exhibition and workshops are held every year usually in the month of January to propagate the Yogic Message of on Holistic Health amongst the masses. The programme is organized and arranged by the participants of "Diploma in Yogic Education" course as a part of their curriculum.

Diploma in Yogic Education (Teachers Training Course)
The course has been designed on the lines of B.Ed., for one academic year duration, which is conducted every year at YVN's Leased area at Dadar and at its own premises Yoga Bhavan at Vashi, New Mumbai. This meticulously designed course prepares the participants in to a competent Yogic Teacher, they are not only made well-versed in the Yogic principles and its practical applications by learning the various aspects of Yoga; but they are taught valuable basic information on Human Anatomy & Physiology as they have to deal with human bodies, and since they have to deal with psyche and mental aspect of human being they are taught Psychology also, and finally to handle the most ancient spiritual science - Yogic Science in a systematic manner, they are trained to adopt suitable Educational methods to teach Yogic Science to beginners and advanced students, thereby they become proficient to teach Yogic Practices and train individuals as well as groups. The participants are required to successfully complete Summer Course, Exhibition & Workshops and Excursion (with debates, workshops & Seminars) as the part of their study. Every year over 150 participants (coming from different walks of life, like, doctors, engineers, architects, scientists, executives, etc.) are taking the benefit of this course, which starts in the month of July every year. here

Residential Yoga Teachers Training Course
A compact, full-time residential course of 30 days duration is conducted on special way. Such course was conducted in the month of May at Yoga Bhavan, Vashi, mainly for the convenience of participants staying out of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai as they are not able to join the above regular Yoga Teachers Training Course.

Lecture - Cum - Demonstrations / Workshops on Yoga
These are arranged on request for the benefits of factory/office personnel and the general public. Special courses are designed and conducted taking into account specific needs of the institutions,e.g. courses conducted at L.I.C. Management Development Center, State Bank of India, Reserve Bank of India and their Training Colleges, Indian Oil Corporation, Mahindra & Mahindra, Raymond Groups, Reliance, Videsh Sanchar Nigam.

Diploma in Yogic Therapy, Natural Living & Naturopathy
Therapeutic Course for preventing/curing/rehabilitating/managing various psychosomatic diseases/disorders like stress, hypertension, heart trouble, asthma, diabetes, backache is conducted every year. This course also imparts information on Natural Living and various methods of Naturopathy and Drugless Alternative Medical Treatment and train the participants to adopt these as way of life.
The course includes History, Principles and applications of Naturopathy and some of the Alternative Medical Treatments, viz., Massage, Acupressure, etc.The eligibility to do this course, the participant should have successful completed Diploma in Yogic Education (Teachers Training Course).
The participants of the course as the part of their course have to participate in Two days Residential Annual Excursion (Educational Annual Meet with focus on Pratical Training on Yogic Therapy, Natural Living & Naturopathy) and conduct Workshops to provide relief to chronic patients through Yogic Therapy, Natural Living & Naturopathy. As part of the course the participants are taken to Recognized and Well Esatablished Naturopathy Centres to undergo various treatment themselves to understand their importance and to learn the procedure very closely.
The course is conducted at YVN's Damle Yoga Kendra, Matnga Road and at Yoga Bhavan, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. here

Awareness Programme on Natural Living & Naturopathy
Periodically YVN conducts TWO day Awareness Programme on Natural Living & Naturopathy for the benefit of masses, wherein the participants are informed about ways of Natural Living & different Naturopathy Treatments. Such programmes are conducted in Association with National Institute of Naturopathy (NIN), Health & Welfare Department of Government of India under the Ministry of Health.

Therapeutic & Family Welfare Oriented Courses
YVN is running Regular Yoga Classes at all over Mumbai & Navi Mumbai for the benefit of common people at a very nominal fees. Family Welfare Oriented Courses are designed and conducted for elderly persons, pre-natal and post-natal conditions, mother-child health, personality development and all round development of children.

Consultation For Health Problems
Well versed trained teachers of YVN offer advice for the alleviation of functional and psychosomatic disorders and other health related problems at
Yogic Therapy Consultation at Yoga Bhavan, VAshi and YVN's office at Dadar here
Naturopathy Treatment at Yoga Bhavan, VAshi. here


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